Candidate Testimonials

Letters from the Community & Associations
The White House - Washington, DC
Young Entrepreneurs' Organization New York Chapter
The Assembly of the State of New Jersey
Young Entrepreneurs' Organization - Alexandria, VA
The Learning Annex
Craig Graison - Student NYU
John Boo - Student NYU
Mary Beth Elmer - Chairman,NAPS Board of Directors
Fairleigh Dickinson University ACES
Tulane University - New Orleans, LA
Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs
Connecticut Association of Personnel Consultants
NYU ACE Campus Development Director
Anthony R. Byrne - Recruitment Industry Specialist
Letters from Candidates
Andy Atherton - Research Assistant
Angela Lewandowski - Research Manufacturing
Anna Borukhova - Research
Baosheng Li, MD - Research
Barbara Grubinska - Neuroscience
Bill Sawchyn - Banking
Bogumila Rachwal - Research Scientist
Cedo M. Bagi, M.D.: Ph.D. - Staff Scientist
Cherrie Liu
ChiChang Lee, Ph.D. - Staff Scientist
Dacie Lewis - Research Scientist
David Chen, Ph.D. - Biopharmaceuticals
David Eveleth, Ph.D. - Licensing Officer
David J. Peters M.S.
Diane Graves
Donna Spano - Engineer
Dr. Andrew Reaume - Transgenics
Dr. Dadong Wu
Ernest B. Campbell - Protein Chemistry Research
Fang Liao, Ph.D. - Senior Scientist
Gary Sclar - Hemotology-Oncology
Holly M. Dressler - Medical Research
Hong Jiang, M.D. - Neurology
Hong Li, Ph.D - Molecular Pharmacology
J. Michael White - Department of Pathology
Jacqueline Doody - Research Scientist
James R. Ormond - Automation Specialist
James Tonra - Neurobiology
James V. Ficorilli
Jennifer A. Lang - Research
Jerry Brisson - Director of Bioanalytical Chemistr
John Bringas - Gene Therapy Parkinson's Disease
John R. Moseley - Transgenic Stock Management
Joseph W. Polli, Ph.D. - National Institutes of He
Juan Estrada - Biomedical Research
Karen Strehlow, M.D. - Transgenic Technology Resea
Kelly L. Horan - Pharmaceuticals
Kim Barbieri - Biotechnology
Kimberly E. Vanover, Ph.D.- Behavioral Pharmacolog
Krystyna M. Wozniak, Ph.D. -Scientist
Linda J. Cornfield, Ph.D. - Research Scientist
Ling Guo - Transgenics
Lubomir Kovac - Research Assistant
Lynn S. Perlmutter, Ph.D. - Staff Scientist
Margaret Karow, Ph.D. Post Doctoral
Marianne Finn - Biomedical
Mark Rothman - Neurosurgery Research
Meilin Liu
Nefertiti A. Greene - Research Assistant
Paul Turchin - Research
Ravi S. Kumar Ph.D. - Manager High Throughput Scre
Raymond Leidch - Research Scientist
Rui Li - Sequencing Coordinator
Scott Ackler
Scott E. Carver, Ph.D - Senior Research Engineer
Sean Kaplan - ImClone
Sean Stevens, Ph.D. - Biotechnology
Shyam Ramakrishnan, Ph.D. - Bioinformatics
Sonia M. F. de Morais, Ph.D. - Principal Scientist
Stephanie De Lombaert, Ph.D. - Medicinal Chemistry
Stephen Dordunoo, Ph.D. - Drug Discovery
Sui Wang - Research
Thomas Johnson - Research Assistant
Timothy A. Moeller - Biotechnology
William C. Vannzino - Account Manager
Xiaorong Sharon Wang
Yiwu He Ph.D. - Automation & Advanced Technology